Harley-Davidson® Accessories

In the heart of every motorcyclist is the passion for freedom and the open road. And no company captures this spirit more perfectly than Harley-Davidson®. 

When it comes to gearing up for a ride, safety is a top priority, but who says it can’t be done in style? The Harley-Davidson Sculpted Engine Bar and Shield Ride Bell, Silver Finish is a testament to this philosophy.


Matching the aesthetic, the Harley-Davidson Capstone Sun Shield II H31 Modular Helmet is a blend of protection and comfort with its innovative sun shield technology, ensuring a clear view of the picturesque South African landscapes as you explore.


For the ladies who embody the spirit of freedom, the Harley-Davidson Women’s Bar & Shield Fingerless Leather Gloves are rugged yet embody the feminine spirit of a Harley-Davidson® rider.


The legacy of Harley-Davidson® is not just in its bikes but in the culture it carries. The Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary 39THIRTY Baseball Cap – Rum Raisin and 120th Anniversary Speedbird Cap – Colorblocked are more than just headgear; they are symbols of a rich heritage merged with a modern design.


Carrying the essence of Harley-Davidson® extends beyond the ride. The Harley-Davidson Women’s Garage Burnished Leather Satchel Purse is a blend of practicality and style, ensuring the Harley-Davidson® style is carried wherever you go.


The Harley-Davidson® range of accessories in South Africa is not just about catering to the needs of riders but celebrating a lifestyle. Each product in the catalogue is a blend of utility and style and a tribute to the spirit of freedom that Harley Davidson embodies.