Harley-Davidson® Men's Gloves

Riding a Harley-Davidson® is more than just a journey; it’s an experience. And to make it better, having the right gear is essential. If you’re in South Africa and looking for that perfect pair of gloves, Harley-Davidson® men’s gloves have got you covered.

The Harley-Davidson Men’s 120th Anniversary True North Leather Gloves are a nod to Harley-Davidson’s long history. Made from quality cowhide leather, they are built to last. And you don’t have to take them off to use your phone, which is a nice modern touch.


For adventurous riders, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Sambia Adventure Touring Gloves  are a great choice. Made from goatskin leather with a waterproof layer, these Harley-Davidson® gloves for men will keep your hands dry and comfy no matter where you ride.


Taking adventure to the next level, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Passage Adventure Gauntlet Gloves offer a waterproof layer, a comfy fit with pre-curved fingers, and an adjustable wrist strap. They are perfect for those long rides into the unknown.


Thanks to the Harley-Davidson Men’s 12v Programable Heated Gloves cold mornings in South Africa won’t bother you with these heated glove liners. These Harley-Davidson men’s gloves in South Africa are powered by a 12V battery; they’ll keep your hands warm and ready to take on the road.


Each pair of Harley-Davidson® men’s gloves for sale is not just about protection; it’s about making a statement. So, get your hands into these gloves and grip the essence of freedom that comes with every Harley ride in South Africa.