Harley-Davidson® Women's Leather Jackets

Harley-Davidson® understands that every journey is a story,  crafting leather jackets for women that are more than just a piece of clothing—they are a companion on the road. The iconic brand, with its roots firmly established in the biking world, offers a variety of women’s biker jackets, each with its own unique flair while staying true to the values of Harley-Davidson®.

The Harley-Davidson Women’s 120th Anniversary Bomber Leather Jacket is not just a jacket; it’s a commemoration. Available in two chic colours, it features the exclusive 120th-anniversary patch, making it a collectible as much as a fashion statement.


This Harley-Davidson Women’s 120th Anniversary D-Pocket Biker Leather Jacket in two colour options, is for the lady who rides with elegance. The anniversary patch adds a distinctive Harley-Davidson® touch.


A tribute to the spirit of women riders, the Harley-Davidson Women’s 120th Anniversary Cycle Queen Leather Biker Jacket jacket is a mix of tradition and modernity, available in two colours with the signature anniversary patch.

More than just leather, the Harley-Davidson Women’s Full Speed Leather Jacket is crafted from lightweight cowhide leather. This jacket is a testament to comfort and style. The perforated leather panels ensure ventilation, which is essential for the South African climate.


The Harley-Davidson Women’s Chalette Leather Bomber Jacket and the Citified Leather Jacket redefine versatility with their lightweight cowhide leather, removable hoods, and zippered cuffs, ideal for adapting to varying weather conditions.


A midweight leather jacket, the Harley-Davidson Women’s Auroral II 3-in-1, Ozello Black, and Potomac 3-in-1 Leather Jackets are perfect for those seeking adaptability. Each features a removable hoodie and zippered cuffs, offering multiple style options.


This midweight cowhide leather jacket is designed for the modern rider. The Harley-Davidson Women’s Heather Avenue Triple Vent SystemTM Leather Jacket boasts a triple vent system that ensures comfort during long rides, making it a practical choice for the adventurous.

A symphony of style and substance, Harley-Davidson®’s range of women’s biker jackets is an expression of freedom and style. Each piece, with its unique features and design, offers an unmatched blend of comfort, durability, and style, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and the spirit of the open road.