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Welcome to the H.O.G. Winelands Chapter

Screw it! Let's ride.

We are the H.O.G Winelands Chapter sponsored by Harley-Davidson Cape Town (Chapter number 7782). We are made up of a passionate group of volunteers that form a committee, a team of dedicated and trained 'Road Captains' that plan and run the rides and members that love to ride and have fun! Most of our rides depart from the previous Winelands Dealer site at Willobridge. We have around 50 members, about 50 rides a year and an active Facebook Group for our members.


What is a 'Chapter'?

H.O.G. stands for Harley Owners Group and it's the biggest motor company-sponsored owners’ group in the world, with over a million members and 1,400 'Chapters'. Each Harley-Davidson dealership sponsors a Chapter of the Harley Owners Group.

Our Chapter is called the H.O.G. Winelands Chapter and we are proudly sponsored by Harley-Davidson Cape Town. You must be a member of the Harley Owners Group and also a member of each individual Chapter you would like to join. You can join as many as you like. 


What's our Chapter all about?

Winelands Chapter (Formerly Tygervalley Chapter) was established in 2008. We organise rides on most weekends (sometimes Saturdays and sometimes Sundays), rallies (a huge coming together of Chapters from around South Africa) and social Chapter meetings on a monthly basis (don't worry, there’s no formality here).

Even if you have lived in Cape Town all your life, you will see places while riding with H.O.G. Winelands that you never knew existed. You'll also see most parts of the Peninsula and Western Cape.


What type of people join a Chapter?

We come from all walks of life and we're not 'bikies', although to the untrained eye, we turn heads when riding in a group of 50 all wearing leather vests and patches. Under all that, we could be male or female, employees or employers, students or retirees, mums or dads, battlers or doing just fine. However, we are all one when we ride.

We are a friendly Chapter, non-political and welcoming of all. You just need a Harley, a H.O.G. membership from Harley-Davidson (free for the 1st year if you've just purchased a brand new Harley) and a Chapter membership from us (only R 950.00).

Wayne Barker


082 821 0589

Eugene Stephenson

Assistant Director

082 491 5020

Sanet Stephenson


071 892 7490

Juan Foster


082 491 5020

Michelle Bainbridge

Ladies of Harley

072 347 7426

Jack Grausso

Road Captain

083 446 0668


Screw It Newsletter

We have a Chapter newsletter called Screw It which is published quarterly and you can download that on this page.

Download issue 1 - March 2023

Winelands Chapter
Member Benefits

After months of brainstorming and planning, we have decided to redefine what it means to be a H.O.G. member and part of the H.O.G. Winelands Chapter. These benefits will apply to all fully paid­up members, subject to the necessary conditions being met. It is important to note that these benefits will only apply at Harley-Davidson Cape Town. These benefits are limited to Harley-Davidson Cape Town Chapters and will not be extended to any Chapter members from other dealers.

Up to 25% Discount

H.O.G. Winelands members receive up to 25% discount on parts, accessories and merchandise, based on member participation at H.O.G. official rides/socials/events over the past running 3 months. This applies for fully paid-up members only, subject to the necessary conditions being met.

+5% for committee members


H.O.G. Winelands members can receive a free bike collection and health check every 6 months. Plus, you will receive 15% off any work to be done on your bike.

Yearly Award Program

Furthest Kilometres

The member who has ridden the most km in 1 year (minimum of 15000 km) will be entitled to a free service of their Harley-Davidson.

Highest Attendance

The member with the highest attendance at H.O.G. official rides / socials / events receives a R5000 Harley-Davidson gift voucher.

Peoples Choice award

The member to win the People's Choice Award will win a Harley-Davidson Rental for a week.

10% of the value of your Harley maintenance services at Harley-Davidson Winelands or Harley-Davidson Cape Town will be contributed to the H.O.G. Chapter fund.